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With a metal detector in pharmaceutical industry

Germany imported technology, main control board in Germany, has high accuracy, high sensitivity
Designed for metal detection pharmaceutical industry design of the machine, to improve the detection performance, can detect tiny scrap metal and metal wire and eliminate
Supporting the tablet machine, capsule filling, packing machine, can also be used alone
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Completely waterproof design, easy to clean

Manual lifting frame height and tilt angle, easy moving and cleaning 

Equipment using mirror stainless steel 304, eliminating device and non-metallic products channel can meet the pharmaceutical industry grade requirements and FDA certification

The pharmaceutical industry, food industry
With learning function, product inhibition function, can adapt to different product detection
Has 200 kinds of products storage function, can be quickly replaced product parameters
Rapid elimination by eliminating system, can reduce the material loss, does not interfere with the normal manufacturing process
Detection of material characteristics: tablet, capsule, granule
The detection sensitivity: Fe >= 0.15mm, SUS >= 0.3mm 
Delete: eliminating hopper automatic removal of metal impurities
A variety of opening size, can be customized according to customer requirements
Overall design of the GMP and CE requirements, which can meet the 21CFR eleventh standard certification
Protection grade: IP65, can meet the requirements of HACCP certification


 With a metal detector in pharmaceutical industry

Size of channel

Width 30mm    Height 50~80mm


 Fe Ball >=0.3mm    SuS304 Ball >=0.6mm

Product parameter Settings

 intelligent self-learning


Up to 10,000 tablets/min

Power system

 110/115/200/220/230V 50/60Hz

Body size

About 2700/3300×1200×1950(mm) (as the case may be)

Net weight




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