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ZXD Suction Ironing Table

Product Name:  ZXD Suction Ironing Table
Product Remark: Suction Ironing Table
Product Category: Line Equipment
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Ironing table is one of the necessary professional equipments in steam ironing operation.With the powerful and downward flowing airflow produced by high-speed rotation of centrifugal machine and the suction produced by self-suction device while ironing, it can prevent the fabric from moving with the iron and rapidly make the newly ironed fabrics cool and setting
Industries such as Clothing, baby products,knitwear, underwear,metal buttons,zippers and other clothing handbags accessories, socks, fabrics,woven fabrics,embroideries,kimono, bedding,towels, bath towels, rugs,gloves, toys, handicrafts, etc.
 High performance, fabrics not reflecting light,good shaping effect when used in conjunction with the steam iron
 Three-level safety guarantee,steam boiler made of high-quality 304 stainless steel,steam pipe racks, Iron block,and table cloth strip buckle made of stainless steel, and the elasticity of table cloth is adjustable 
 Having features of perfect quality in ironing,easy to use,less land occupied and energy-saving,  convenient in maintenance, and sold in all spare parts markets
 Be able to operate for long hours, and making no mistake with specified method


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