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ZXD Super-Wide Non-Driving Needle Detector

Product Name: ZXD Super-Wide Non-Driving Needle Detector
Product Notes: Super-Wide Non-Driving Needle Detector
Product Category: Needle Detector
0086-21-58386189, 58386176
ZXD Super-Wide Non-Driving Needle Detector is mainly used for the detection of bedding and bulky items, simple to operate,easy to use, showing the position of the broken needle, and its stability and sensitivity is better than other similar products.
Suitable for bedding,down products, carpets,especially applicable for woven cotton,spewing,acupuncture cotton,etc.
Interacted with the related winding machine
Super anti-interference ability ( it will not make false alarms for the movement  of ceiling fan,phone,screwdrivers and other iron items.)
32 chip digital design technology,magnetic loop probe, super anti-interference performance
The frame design is reasonable and compact, solid and reliable,strong performance.


ZXD Super-Wide Non-Driving Needle Detector

Detection Mode

Induced by magnetic field , the digital processing circuits

Detection Sensitivity

20mm (φ1.2 steel balls) ,50mm (φ0.7 × 10 broken needle), 80mm (φ0.7 × 20 broken needle)

Induction Adjust

 1-10 level adjustable

Detection Width

Determined according to the customized specifications

Detection Height

 120mm or customized

Alarm mode

Sound and light alarm, automatic backward conveyor belt,the indicator light showing the probing site

Power Supply

AC220V ± 10% 50HZ




Approximately 2300 × 550 × 800 (mm) ( the specific volume varies depending on the customized specifications)

Net Weight

Different from each other according to customized sizes



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