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ZXD-2000 MODEL Anti-interference Automatic Needle Detector

Product Name: ZXD-2000 Model Continuous Needle Detector
Product Remark: Continuous Needle Detector
Product Category: Needle Detector
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ZXD-2000 Model continuous Needle Detector, different from ordinary needle detectors, adopts ultra-wide detection technology, the width of the customized machine can reach several meters, particularly suitable for the detection of quilts and sheets. As a symbol of corporate quality standards,it does better in getting more foreign orders for enterprises.
Metal impurities(broken needles, etc.) detection for ultra-wide textiles, such as bedding, non-woven, cloth, etc.
Suitable for the detection of broken needle and ferromagnetic metal for large items such as bedding, etc.
Power saving, it will shut down automatically if no detected object passing through in 10 minutes
Probe indicator light will show the exact position of broken needle
The width can be customized from 1200 mm to 4000mm according to the choice of the user.
Super anti-interference ability ( it will not make false alarm for the movement of ceiling fan,phone,screwdrivers and other iron items.)
32 chip digital design technology,magnetic loop probe, and the super anti-external frame design is reasonable and compact, solid and reliable, strong performance.


 ZXD-2000 Model Continuous Needle Detector

Detection Mode

Magnetic field induced, the digital processing circuits

Detection Sensitivity

Φ0.8mm-2.5mm Ferromagnetic metal (the access hole is 12cm in height, and iron balls standard 0.8mm in diameter can be detected)

Induction Adjust

 1-10 level adjustable

Detection Width


Detection Height

120mm or customized

Alarm mode

Audible and visual alarm, automatic belt return, marking in eight detection sites

Power Supply

Ac220V 50-60Hz




About 2500×2300×900mm

Net Weight

About 400KG



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