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ZXD-1200 Model Special-Purpose Metal Detector id for mining

BRAND: Hengxin
SPECIFICATION (the color is designed by the customer)
0086-21-58386189, 58386176
EC-1200 Model Special-Purpose Metal Detector id for mining plant,cement plant,colliery plant and power Plant
The product’s electrical design uses German technology, It has high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, and stable and reliable performance,and the size can be customized according to the actual size needed.
Industries including food processing, plastic recycling, crushing processing (coal / thermal power plant / mine / cement / mining / mineral processing), glass, ceramics processing, chemicals, rubber production, paper, tobacco, wood, wood, wood and paper materials handling and so on.
It is used in detecting unwanted metallic impurities mixed or lost in the raw materials or products such as wire, iron nail,steel nail, screw or lead block, aluminum block, copper block, stainless steel, manganese steel, shovel teeth, etc.In the same time it can prevents the unwanted metal impurities damaging the valuable mechanical equipments of the next process and reduce the risk of  mechanical equipment’s breakdown and improve production efficiency.
This product adopts the separate probe design, and it is not necessary to cut off the conveyor belt in the production line.It can be installed in almost the horizontal position with the the conveyor belt, making the detection in every angle  possible for the conveyor belt, and it’s easy to install the machine
The detection sensitivity is adjustable, and meanwhile it can detect iron impurities and other metal impurities (such as steel,shovel teeth, stainless steel block,lead and copper block,etc.)
The  output signal is controlled by the relay,when detecting the metal impurities, it will make audible and visible alarm and give signal, then the signal relay switches off, and the conveyor belt automatically shuts down.
The timer can be equipped with the machine based on customer actual requirements to prolong the time for controlling the process of removing defective products.


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