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ZXD-600 Fabric Inspection Rolling Machine

BRAND: Hengxin
SPECIFICATION (the color is designed by the customer)
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A new generation of garment machinery and equipment for the rolling and cloth fabric quality inspection
Cotton, linen, cotton cloth, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, woven cotton, quilting, curtains, bedding, cloth toys, leather, artificial leather, jacquard cloth, towel cloth, chemical fiber fabric 
1, equipped with Panasonic inverter device, can realize the stepless speed regulation of 0-40/min.
2, with tension control device, so that the volume of Feng tightness can be adjusted.
3, advanced digital length meter, meter long with accurate, clear display and has the metric system and code switching function.
4, check cloth, loose cloth, counting on one foot, convenient and flexible control.
5, can be customized to the drum and can be folded (i.e. loose cloth) cloth checking machine function.
6, 600 series photoelectric edge device, stainless steel pull cloth roller, to make the cloth pull wrinkles uneven flat, ensure guarantee selvage neat.
7, 600 series (folded) can be realized: cloth, cloth, cloth, terry cloth, terry cloth, terry cloth, terry cloth, cloth and other functions of the four.
8, use special fluorescence plate, examine rayeven, cloth inspection with high efficiency.

Type number

 ZXD-600 type cloth inspection

The maximum diameter of drum


Running speed


Edge error


Power source

AC220V±10% 50HZ



Body size

About 2700/3300×1200×1950(mm) (as the case may be)

Net weight


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