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ZXD-20MJ Handheld Needle Detector

BRAND: Hengxin
SPECIFICATION (the color is designed by the customer)
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ZXD-20MJ Handheld Needle Detector is extremely suitable for the detection of  small items. It is able to help you accurately find the location of broken needles or ferromagnetic metals within small range.
The instrument can work continuously for long time, not heat, not resulted in overload phenomenon, and is suitable for the exact location detection of the ferromagnetic material within small range in succession of the detection of large needle detector and is able to exclude impurities at correct speed.
suitable for garment
clothes ,textile needel detector
easy operate
long service use life


 6F22-9V electric power supply, static current 5mA, dynamic current less than 30mA, consumed extremely provinces

Heavy quantity


Body product

135mm (long) x 65mm (wide) x 35mm (high)

Spirit sensitivity

 1.0 mm in diameter iron ball can amount to 10mm height.The highest sensitivity can be detected for 0.8 mm in diameter iron ball.


0.7 x 20 needle breakage can reach 50 height

Prepare note

 this instrument can continuous long-term work, no fever does not produce overload phenomenon, when the power supply voltage is lower than 6V generated when the continuous than under, it means the power shortage twitter is the same battery should be replaced

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