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ZXD-620C MODEL Touch Switch Computer Needle Detector

 BRAND: Hengxin
 Product Remark: Touch Switch Computer Needle Detector
 Product Category: Needle Detector Machine
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 ZXD-600C MODEL Touch Switch Computer Needle Detector uses domestic and abroad advanced technologies,. It is controlled by Low-voltage circuit, and its photoelectric switch operates controlling the magnetic field , while its automatic counter records the number of objects to be detected.
 Probe LED can indicate the approximate location of the broken needle.When detecting the broken needle or iron, it will give audible and visual alarm .And the Conveyor will automatically return or stop and the sensitivity is stepless adjustment
 Industries need the ferromagnetic metal impurities detection,such as clothing, baby products, knitwear, underwear,metal buttons, zippers and other clothing handbags accessories, socks, fabrics, woven fabrics,embroideries,kimono, bedding,towels, bath towels, rugs,gloves, toys, handicrafts, etc.

 High Detection Sensitivity: Integrated circuit imported from Japan, the photoelectric control  is imported
 Strong Anti-interference Ability: Adopting the strengthening and thickening anti-interference devices, unaffected by outside instrument interference.

 Stable and Reliable Performance: Automatically controlled by computer, touch keys, programmable logic controller.

 High Detection Efficiency: PU conveyor belt provided by SB Corporation of Japan,continuous conveyor

 Meeting Customer Needs: Detection channels have various specifications in width and height ,available for customers to selected freely according to their own needs

 Intelligent Counter:Counting and Showing in classifications for the detected objects, such as the qualified products,non-qualified products and the total number.

 Smart Mode Conversion: B / C intelligent mode switching system for accessories and thin materials detecting .


ZXD-600C MODEL Touch Switch Computer Needle Detector

Detection Mode

 Magnetic field induced, the digital processing circuits

Detection Sensitivity

Φ0.8mm-2.5mm Ferromagnetic metal (the access hole is 12cm in height, and iron balls standard 0.8mm in diameter can be detected)

Induction Adjust

 1-10 level adjustable

Detection Width

 Standard 600mm ~ to non-standard width or customized

Detection Height

 100mm ~ 200mm or customized

Alarm mode

Audible and visual alarm, automatic belt return, marking in eight detection sites.

Power Supply






Net Weight

About 200KG

In the seventies there had ever happened a child wounded -to -death event due to the broken needle residual of the textile in Japan, which made the Japan set the Needle Detector Law and made the explicit order that all the textile products and all wearing items contacting with human skin should be made the the sharp metallic detection before entering the retail link. For the origin of the Needle Detector Law is the broken needle, so the broken needle is caused great attention by the law   
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